Vape Kit

A  whole  kit  is  a  perfect  choice  for  new  vapers  or  someone  who  don't  like  troublesome  procedures  because  it  contains  all  the  necessary  components  to  start  vaping  right  away.  It  saves  people  many  efforts  to  assemble  those  fuzzy  components  like  a  mod,  tank,  pod,  coils  and  other  replacement  parts.  All  you  need  to  do  is  add  some  vape  juice  and  a  battery(if  it's  not  in  your  kit).

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Geekvape Digiflavor Upen Kit 650mAh

$29.90 $25.42
Geekvape Digiflavor Upen - a pen-styled vape for beginners. Consists of integrated 650mAh built-in battery and 1.5ml e-juice tank.

Geekvape Flint AIO Starter Kit 1000mAh

$39.90 $33.92
Geekvape Flint - with large-capacity of 1000mAh, meets your daily demands. Ultra lightweight and portable, enables you to take and use it wherever you go. 4 colors are free to choose.

Geekvape Frenzy Pod System 950mAh

Geekvape Frenzy is a pod system that features an intelligent output mode, singular button, and beautiful craftsmanship.

Geekvape Lucid 80W TC Kit

$49.90 $42.42
An innovative mod system that consists of highly-praised AS chipset, Lumi Mesh Sub-0hm tank and single rechargeable 18650 battery. Available in black, blue, gunmetal, orange and red.

Geekvape Nova Kit with Alpha Tank

$89.90 $76.42
Geekvape Nova Kit with Alpha Tank - a beautiful crafted masterpiece with powerful functions, Geekvape Nova Kit contributes to bring you an outstanding flavor with longer vaping.

Geekvape Nova with Cerberus Tank 200W TC Kit

$67.20 $57.12
Geekvape Nova - a beautiful crafted masterpiece with powerful functions, Geekvape Nova Kit contributes to bring you an outstanding flavor with longer vaping.

IJOY Avenger 270 234W TC Starter Kit

$89.95 $54.95
IJOY Avenger 270 kit epitomizes the technological advances in the industry, featuring a dual 20700 platform capable of Voice Control System with futuristic design elements.

IJOY Cigpet Ant Starter TC Kit

IJOY Cigpet Ant TC Kit measures 47mm by 70.8mm by 24mm, powered by a single 18650 battery and is capable of firing at a max power output up to 80 watts, which is compact and lightweight, no matter for on-the-go use or daily use, it is an ideal kit for all vapers.

IJOY Mercury Resin Kit 1100mAh

$35.99 $30.59
IJoy Mercury Resin kit is powered by a single 13350 battery(built-in), with a tank of 2ml capacity.

IJOY Mystique Kit with Subohm Tank 162W

$66.99 $56.94
IJOY Mystique is powered by replaceable dual 18650 batteries(not included), this lightweight and pocket-sized IJOY Mystique Kit is easily to carry around.

IJOY Mystique Mesh Kit 162W

$49.99 $42.49
IJOY Mystique Mesh kit features nnovative mesh coils, dual adjustable airflow, sliding top fill, etc.

IJOY Saber 100 Tube Starter Kit with Diamond Sub Ohm Tank

$87.95 $58.00
IJOY Saber 100 is comprised of a single 20700 battery regulated tube mod and a Diamond sub ohm tank, it integrates the IWEPAL chipset with 100W of maximum power output.


Vaping  kits  are  bundles  that  house  everything  you  require  to  start  vaping.  A  vape  kit  contains  a  vape  mod,  a  vape  pen,  sometimes  a  battery  that  resembles  a  cigar,  an  atomizer,  cartomizer,  clearomizer,  an  RDA  type  of  pod. There  are  two  main  issues  or  rather  things  involved  during  vaping:  an  atomizer  which  vaporizes  the  e-juice  and  the  engine  that  facilitates  vaporization,  which  is  the  battery.  Alongside  these,  the  vape  kit  also  incorporates  spare  coils  to  be  used  by  your  tank.

There  is  also  normally  a  USB charger that  will  be  used  to  charge  your  cigar  battery. It  is  potent  though  to  note  that,  a  vape  kit  will  not  always  have  all  the  ingredients  that  you  need  to  start  vaping.  Some  kits  will  require  separate  batteries  and  most  of  these  kits  will  not  even  have  batteries  in  them.  Again  to  vape  efficiently,  you  need  to  have  an  e-liquid  that  is  quite  helpful  in  vaping,  but  not  all  vape  kits  will  have  them  readily  available.

Distinct Types

Vape Pen

This  is  a  little  device  featuring  pen  shape;  it  has  different  sizes that are used in the inhalation of heated vegetable glycerin and blow the vapor out. When a person is vaping, they turn the atomizer on, which heats the e-liquid and turn it to an aerosol.

Box Mod Kit

They come in two different categories. There is a regulated box mod then there is the unregulated one. A lot of attention, however, is diverted to the box mod that is regulated in the market. But studies show that most of the vapers fancy the unregulated mods.These kits are a step up of the initial vape pen kits.

Pod Systems

The vaping kits are normally for mouth-to-lungs hit. They contain high resistance coils. The devices are mostly powered with internal batteries that are charged using a USB for your convenience.


This is a kit that comes with everything that you require to start vaping. They are easy to use by anyone, even people who are just starting. Some of the advantages of this kit are no dry hits, they are compact and portable, they have adjustable airflow, and they have a great flavor. They also have fast wicking and have improved battery life.

Starter Kit

A vape pen, box mod kit, pod system or an AIO kit maybe a starter kit depends on its ease of use. They are considered to be user-friendly. They also have AIO that have batteries and built-in tanks. This is the easiest kit to start out vaping and get to an advanced stage.

Selecting the Right Vaping Kit

There are many things to put into consideration before choosing the right kit for your vaping. They may include their performance, their physical size, different prices, their wattage, and so many other factors. To choose the ideal kit for you, you may consider the following ideas.

Will the kit give you exactly what you want to feel?

The vaping kits are very different and have different flavors. Certain mods may fit a particular style of vaping. Getting to know your style of vaping is very important as it will assist you in selecting which kits are ideal for you.
Other vapers will look for devices that are small and emit low vapor output while some will go for the opposite of that. Some users may prefer starter kits while others will go for the more advanced kits with an intense vaping experience that produces much more vapor. In short, if you know your vaping style, then you will be able to easily pick out the right vape kit for you.